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We do our best to be as transparent with our pricing as possible. 

Services such as pressure washing and house washing have to be quoted in person because of so many variables. 

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ATHENS Carpet Cleaning PRICING


$ 120
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector


$ 180
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector


$ 240
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector


$ 300
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector


$ 360
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector


$ 420
  • Does not include pet urine treatment
  • Does not include carpet protector

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FIVE STAR carpet cleaning PROCESS


The first thing that we’ll do upon arrival is walk through the areas to be cleaned. At this time, we’ll ask you some questions, as well as answer any of your own questions that you may have. This would be a great time to point out any special concerns that you may have about certain areas. If you happen to know exactly what has caused certain spots or stains, please let us know at this time so that we can properly address them. Once the inspection is completed, we will ensure that you know the final price before any work begins. We’ll never use high pressure sales tactics or bait and switch pricing.


We recommend that you vacuum your carpet before our arrival. However, if you’re unable to it’s not a problem because we always vacuum prior to wet cleaning! Regularly vacuuming helps to remove the dry abrasive soils that wear down your carpet. Vacuuming is our first step because we want to remove as much dry particulate soil as possible. This enables our safe cleaning solutions to better focus on breaking up the soils that have bonded to the carpet fibers.


Next, we will spot treat any tough spots or stains using our powerful yet safe spotting agents. We have great success removing spots like pop/soda spills, grease, oil, paint, koolaid, wine, and other common carpet dribbles. Next, we’ll mix up our carpet cleaning solution uniquely for your carpet cleaning needs and apply it to the walk ways and traffic areas of the carpet.

Note: If you’ve used any products that you’ve bought at the store to attempt to remove any spots or stains, please make your technician aware of that. It can change how we approach the spot or stain to ensure we do not damage the carpet!

Steam Cleaning

We offer both steam cleaning and VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning processes. VLM is most commonly used in commercial settings because it dries faster and is less disruptive to businesses.


Residential Carpet Cleaning


Our fourth carpet cleaning step is to rinse the carpet using our powerful truck mounted equipment. Our carpet cleaning machine produces water temperatures of 200-230 degrees. This is great for removing stubborn soil, but also can help to sanitize the carpet. Our cleaning tool immediately extracts the broken-up soil and cleaning solution, recovering it to a holding tank in our vehicle. We then do “dry strokes” to remove as much excess soil and moisture from the carpet as possible.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning


For our commercial carpet cleaning clients, we do offer steam cleaning / hot water extraction, but we also offer low moisture cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning is great because it dries in 1-2 hours and using this type of equipment allows us to keep your building secure while we’re cleaning. It is quiet and can even be used during business hours to clean common areas if needed.

Speed dry

After the steam cleaning step, we have small carpet drying fans that we can place in the areas that we’ve cleaned. These carpet drying fans significantly improve the drying time so that you can use your carpet sooner. Until the carpet has completely dried, we recommend that you take caution when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces such as tile or wood because it may be slippery.

groom & protect

If you have chosen to have your carpet protected after your cleaning, this is when we will apply the protector and groom it into the fibers. Please allot for additional dry times for this service because the product has to air dry for proper adhesion to the carpet fibers.

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