hardwood floor cleaning SERVICE in Athens Ga

We have the proper equipment to rejuvenate your hardwood floors and bring back the shine and luster you fell in love with.

Our hardwood floor cleaning process is meant to maintain wood floors that are in good condition. Our process is a sandless process and will not remove deep scratches but does remove dirt and residue that becomes impacted in the grooves of the floor.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Many people choose hardwood as a flooring type because there is just something wonderful about the natural beauty that wood provides. Most all hardwood floors are installed and then a protective coating is applied on top to protect it. Over time that protective coating can wear away leaving the wood vulnerable as well as expensive sanding and refinishing to restore it. Our hardwood cleaning process is dustless and requires no sanding while removing dirt and debris that can damage the wood. Following your hardwood floor cleaning, we re-apply a protective coating that makes maintenance easier and restores the shine of the wood. Note: This process does not remove deep scratches and does not involve sanding the hardwood.

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