Pressure Washing

Getting professional pressure washing in Athens, GA for your home or business allows you to enjoy various benefits.



Professional pressure washing services from CertaClean keeps your property free from grime, mildew, and algae, protecting not only your home but also your family’s health and safety. You can also expect expert application and ensure spotless results when proper cleaning solutions and equipment are used by an experienced professional. This regular preventive maintenance allows you to avoid any expensive and avoidable future repairs. Pressure washing enhances your home’s curb appeal too, which is beneficial especially when you’re selling or renting out your home. It can help you increase your home value by up to 5%!

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CertaClean Professional Pressure Washing

At CertaClean, we ensure safe and thorough pressure washing in Athens, GA. We choose the right pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) to ensure enough water is flowing through the pressure washer without damaging the surface. Then, we identify the appropriate water temperature and which cleaning chemicals to add, such as soap and detergent. We make this possible by carefully evaluating the surface’s condition or dirtiness. Then, we use our cutting-edge materials and solutions to help keep your home or office clean, mold-free, and more appealing. Call CertaClean now to schedule our top-notch pressure washing services!

Professional Pressure WAshing Process

Professional pressure washing services involve a thorough and multi-step process to ensure that surfaces are cleaned effectively and safely.

magnifying glass icon to depict the inspection step in professional pressure washing services


The first step in professional pressure washing service is the inspection. During this step, the pressure washing technician will examine the surfaces to be cleaned to determine the appropriate cleaning method, the pressure level, and the cleaning solution needed. They will also identify any potential safety hazards and take necessary precautions to protect the surrounding areas from damage. By conducting a thorough inspection, the technician can ensure that the cleaning process will be effective and safe.

vacuum icon to depict the preparation step in professional pressure washing services

Preparing The Area

The pressure washing technician will prepare the surrounding area by clearing any obstacles or debris that could interfere with the cleaning process. They may also cover nearby plants or delicate surfaces to protect them from the pressure washer.

cleaning solution bottle icon to depict the apply cleaning solution step in professional pressure washing services

Applying a Cleaning Solution

Depending on the surface being cleaned, the technician may apply a specialized cleaning solution to help break down dirt, grime, and other buildup.

soap bubbles icon to depict the exterior cleaning step in professional pressure washing services

Pressure WAshing

Using a high-powered pressure washer, the technician will blast away the dirt and grime from the surface. They will typically start with a low pressure setting and gradually increase the pressure as needed, taking care to avoid damaging the surface.

magnifying glass icon to depict the post-cleaning inspection step in professional pressure washing services

Post-Cleaning Inspection

After the pressure washing is complete, the technician will inspect the surface to ensure that all dirt and grime has been removed. They may also apply a sealant or protective coating to help prevent future buildup.

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CertaClean provides top-quality pressure washing services at fair prices. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and as a local, family-owned and operated company, we pay attention to your unique needs. We are master-certified textiles cleaners with training from IICRC. CertaClean prioritizes you and your family’s safety, so we only use non-toxic, kid- and pet-friendly cleaning solutions. We offer easy and hassle-free scheduling directly from our website. Work with us today, and see why we get a 5-star rating from 200+ reviews on Google.

Matt at CertaClean doing professional pressure washing services on a commercial property
Matt at CertaClean doing professional pressure washing services on a residential property


Pressure WAshing vs. Soft WAshing

Generally speaking, pressure washing relies more on pressurized water and soft washing relies heavily on chemical usage to clean. At CertaClean, we take more of a hybrid approach to these two methods. Pressure washing is highly effective at blasting dirt and grime away on resilient surfaces such as paved patios, stone, brick, concrete sidewalks, and driveways. However, using highly pressurized water on house siding, painted surfaces, wooden surfaces, etc. can potentially be damaging. For this reason, we reduce our water pressures and use safe cleaning solutions to aid in the removal of dirt, mold, and mildew on these more delicate surfaces. However, this is still far less chemical usage than soft washing. We are able to achieve this by still using moderate, non-damaging water pressure levels. This way we do not have to excessively rely on cleaning solutions to do the work for us. Which means far less solutions are being used around your family, pets, and gardens/flowers etc. For the reason, we refer to our exterior cleaning of homes as “house washing” instead of “pressure washing”.

Pressure Washing Services

CertaClean Provides Pressure Washing Services to Residential & Commercial Properties – Single Jobs or Regular Maintenance.

Residential Pressure Washing

Your home is one of the biggest investments you can make. Thus, you’ll want to maintain the exterior’s beauty and cleanliness through top-quality pressure washing. This also helps prevent any potential damage caused by mold and mildew, increasing exterior surfaces’ life expectancy. At CertaClean, we provide the best pressure washing service in Athens, GA. We want to help protect and maximize your property investment. We use top-of-the-line hose equipment and safe solutions when pressure washing your brick houses, concrete driveways, patios, vinyl siding, and wooden decks. We deliver the same excellent results to your sheds and other outdoor structures, roofs, and more!

Commerical Pressure Washing

CertaClean has the right materials, techniques, and team to keep your office or building looking new and sparkling clean. We cover retail stores, restaurants, office complexes, and much more. No matter how much cleaning your garages, parking lots, and industrial substrates need, our pressure washing experts will do the tough job for you. We offer superior pressure washing for concrete walk-ups and sidewalks, roofs, dumpster pads, and more. Get professional commercial pressure washing, and attract more customers with better curb appeal. Call CertaClean today for a free estimate.


It can take up to several hours to pressure wash a home. This depends on factors like the size of the house, the type of surface, and the equipment used.

Surfaces that can be cleaned with pressure washing include entryways, decks and patios, stone, brick, walls and siding, concrete walkways, driveways, and sidewalks.

Yes, they differ in terms of water temperature. Power washing utilizes heated water, and pressure washing doesn’t.

Do not pressure wash painted materials, wood siding, asphalt shingles, electrical panels and meters, windows, outdoor light fixtures, vehicles, stained wood, and gutters.

Pressure washing chemicals are meant to be safe for both animals and plants in your yard. However, some chemicals may be harmful to your plants, so it’s best to use environment- and pet-friendly cleaning solutions from professional pressure washers.