Upholstery Cleaning Services

Every upholstery cleaning job that we service is unique and requires a process that we have spent years perfecting to achieve top quality, consistent results. Whether we’re restoring your upholstery or cleaning them for maintenance, you can depend on us. All of our cleaning solutions are family and pet safe.



Upholstery and furniture are often neglected because many people aren’t aware that they can be cleaned. We recommend cleaning your upholstery and furniture every 12-18 months to help remove body oils, spots and spills, and other contaminants that may have ventured their way into the fabric. We can clean both synthetic and natural fabrics and can even protect your upholstery and furniture after we clean it. We can clean the following furniture types:








Dining Chairs

And More

Much of our time at home is spent on or around our upholstered furniture. Maintaining your upholstery will ensure that it stays in optimal condition for a longer usage life, all while looking great and promoting a healthy environment. CertaClean offers professional upholstery cleaning services that removes dead skin cells, body oils, pet dander, odor, household allergens, dust, and other contaminants. Removing those types of contaminants from your furniture can help you to maintain better indoor air quality. Our eco-friendly solutions will remove various stains and discolorations from your furniture while also making the texture and color of the fabric practically new again.

Regular spot cleaning and maintenance such as vacuuming can help a lot, but it is no comparison to a true deep cleaning. Professional upholstery cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months. Eliminate foul odors in your home and make your furniture look like new again by scheduling your upholstery cleaning appointment with CertaClean today.

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There are five basic steps in a professional upholstery cleaning process.

Fabric & Furniture Cleaning

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Our expert technicians will inspect your furniture to determine the fabric material, color fastness, and more.

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Next, we vacuum the upholstered furniture to remove dry particulate matter, including dust, dirt, skin flakes, pet dander, hair, and more.

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Our team applies professional cleaning solutions to the entirety of the fabric, including all sides of the cushions, paying close attention to heavily soiled areas and tough spots/stains to ensure that you receive the best clean possible.

soap bubbles icon to depict the steam cleaning step for professional upholstery cleaning services

Steam Clean

We then begin the hot water extraction process to thoroughly rinse and remove dirt, body oils, and odors from your furniture.

motor fan icon to depict the speed dry step for professional upholstery cleaning services

Speed Dry

Lastly, our team uses fans to speed dry your furniture to reduce dry times to within 1-3 hours for faster use and to also prevent any possible mildew growth from occurring.

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Fabric Protector

As an add-on service, CertaClean can apply a professional grade fabric protector to your upholstery which provides an additional wear layer to the fabric and greatly helps to minimize spots/stains setting in, therefore extending the life expectancy of the fabric. This product evaporates quickly and has little to no impact on the dry time of the material. It will also not change the texture or feel of the fabric. ***

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Note: The above cleaning process is applicable to most upholstered fabrics. However, if you have a more delicate material such as cotton, linen, velvet, or other fine fabrics, we have additional methods to safely approach cleaning those types of textiles. We have the knowledge, equipment, and solutions to address your cleaning needs.

Furniture Cleaning

CertaClean is a full-service professional furniture cleaning company. We specialize in deep cleaning upholstery and fine fabric textiles. We clean all types of upholstery from couches, chairs, recliners, ottomans, mattresses, pillows, and more!

Couches & Sectionals

Expect your couch to have imbedded dirt and grime if you have children, pets, or often have guests over. Keeping your couches, sectionals, and loveseats clean not only helps maintain their beauty and appeal, but also contributes to an overall healthy living environment.

Chairs & Recliners

Chairs and recliners have nooks and crannies where food crumbs, dust, hair, and pet dander can accumulate. If used for work, our chairs are also likely to have stubborn ink stains. Ottomans are not only a hot spot for food stains and drink spills, but also mud, dirt, and grime from our shoes.

Mattresses & Pillows

Sleeping on dirty mattresses and pillows can cause breakouts and other skin irritation. Mattresses and pillows with unseen mildew growth and dust mites or other parasites can adversely affect our overall health. Furniture is an investment; regular cleanings help to prolong their usability.



With over two decades of experience, CertaClean is a highly praised upholstery cleaning service in and around Athens, GA. Our locally owned and operated business garners hundreds of five-star organic reviews on Google. CertaClean uses non-toxic and kid-friendly cleaning solutions. Our formulation is also safe for pets, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend’s safety. CertaClean is the only company in the Athens Area to have technicians that hold Master Certified Textile Cleaner designations. Contact our team now if you’re looking for upholstery cleaners in Athens, GA! Easily set up an appointment with CertaClean by calling us at (706) 340-8295 or schedule an appointment with us online.



CertaClean is one of the best professional upholstery cleaning companies serving Athens and its surrounding communities. With over two decades of experience under our belt, we have learned exactly what our customers need from us. Each job is unique and requires a process that we have meticulously perfected over the years. From fabric couches and sectionals to chairs and ottomans, you can trust our team to deliver superior quality each time. CertaClean offers cleaning agents and methods that are safe for both synthetic and natural fabrics, and offer fabric protector for extended furniture life (water & oil repellent).


Maintaining upholstery can be difficult. Here are some practical tips to help you keep it clean:

Avoid direct sunlight on your indoor fabrics as much as possible, especially natural fabrics

Vacuum furniture regularly to help prevent buildup of soil and contaminants

Lightly brush your upholstery regularly to help prevent pilling

Have fabric protector professionally applied to prevent spills from penetrating deeply

Regularly beat removable cushions to expel dust and contaminants not caught with the vacuum

Use sofa covers or removable slips to prevent staining the upholstery

Regularly wash removable slips with color protective detergent

Keep the room properly ventilated to prevent odors from adhering to the fabric

Rotate the cushions often to ensure even wear patterns

Avoid using store bought cleaners. We will provide you with our exclusively formulated spotter that is safe for many types of carpet and upholstery. Or wait for us on your next professional cleaning if you’re unsure!

Upholstery Cleaning by CertaClean


Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is one of the best furniture cleaning methods available. For safe and superior results, it is best to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service.

You can use white vinegar, dish soap, baking soda, and a vacuum to clean your couch yourself if you so desire. Alternatively, you also can buy or rent a machine as well. However, if you want a safe, true deep clean, the best option is to call a professional upholstery cleaning company.

The time may vary depending on the method used and the severity of the couch’s soiling condition. On average, a thorough steam cleaning process may take 1-2 hours for a typical 3 seat couch. The equipment, solutions, and process used by CertaClean dries your furniture in 1-3 hours.

Absolutely! Couches are one of the most used furnishings in your home. Since upholstery is porous, any dirt, dust, sweat, allergens, and odors seep into the couch — resulting in the need for regular professional sofa cleaning.

Professionally deep cleaning ensures your couch is free from any deep-seated dirt, allergens, sweat, dust mites, and foul odors. It also helps protect the upholstery, prolong its life, and improve indoor air quality.