Top 4 Things To Do near Athens GA

1. Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival:

Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival is the perfect place to enhance your love for finding beautiful pieces of art! This isn’t just a festival, but more like an outdoor shop with over 100 booths from all types of vendors selling items such as antiques, jewelry, or even home decor.

If you do not need anything right away, it’s still worth going because they also have live music playing every weekend plus food trucks too; making this a great date night spot or family outing that everyone will enjoy! Several other festivals throughout the year, including Braselton Christmas Market, which happens during December and has many excellent local merchants selling festive gifts and homemade holiday treats. It would be impossible to leave empty-handed at either event!

If you love antique hunting and want to find some unique pieces, this is the place for you! This isn’t just a festival; it’s an outdoor shopping mall with live music and food trucks too. Plus, other similar events happen throughout the year, such as Braselton Christmas Market, which takes place during December, making it great for holiday gifts!

There’s nothing better than finding beautiful art or antiques from local merchants at affordable prices! Stop by here next time you are in town because it will be sure to leave you wanting more-even if you don’t buy anything. There’s no doubt about it: this is one of Athens, GA’s best-kept secrets, so share the secret with everyone else once they come and visit!

2. The Sandbar:

The Sandbar is one of the most popular places in Athens to hang out, eat and drink! Not only do they have some great food options, including seafood (which you can get fresh from their fish market), but also an extensive list of fancy cocktails.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s live music every day too, making it an excellent place for everyone to enjoy. The best thing about this place, though? They’re open until midnight, which means you could easily spend even later nights here if your night isn’t finished just yet! It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to finding somewhere fun or exciting after dark-especially since the city itself tends to quiet down around then!
There are plenty of great food options and live music here, making it a special place for everyone to spend time together.

3. Trail creek trestle:

Trail Creek Trestle is a must-see spot for anyone who loves adventure and adrenaline! It’s more than just your typical bridge, but one of those old railroad bridges that span across Trail Creek, which offers some fantastic views.
If you’re not the type to be afraid of heights, then this is an excellent place for you to go because it can offer some spectacular photos as well as experiences such as zip-lining (which, by the way, they also host here)! Even if it’s high up on a bridge isn’t exactly your thing.

There are multiple trails nearby where hikers and bikers alike would surely enjoy spending time alone or with friends! There’s no doubt about it: this destination will make everyone feel like superheroes because it’s truly that amazing!

There are some great views of Trail Creek, not to mention zip lining, which is always thrilling. There are many trails nearby for hikers and bikers alike too! It’s a super fun destination for everyone no matter how you feel about heights-and the best part? You don’t have to be afraid because they host zip-lining events as well.

4. Durhamtown off-road park:

Durhamtown Off-Road Park is one of the best places in Athens to find adventure and adrenaline! It’s more than just a typical off-road park, though, because it offers some unique experiences such as sandboarding or even riding ATVs which was something I’d never done before, so it made for an exciting day.

If you’ve never been ATVing, I highly recommend that you do it because it’s a lot of fun! Plus there are other activities such as hiking and camping which means you could easily spend an entire weekend here if you feel adventurous. If all that wasn’t enough, the park also offers some spectacular views along with hiking trails for those who don’t wish to get quite so muddy. No matter how you feel about mud, though, this is still a fantastic place for everyone because there’s something here that just about anyone can enjoy!

There are many great activities and views here, such as ATVing, hiking, and camping, which makes it a fantastic adventure park no matter your interests and the best part? You don’t have to be afraid of getting muddy because there are also hiking trails available.

In conclusion, the secret to spending a fun and memorable trip in Athens is finding places that are good for everyone, and these are just a few of the destinations that meet this criterion. The best thing about these destinations is that they’re all relatively close to each other, which means you could easily spend a weekend on your trip exploring them!

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